The Scholarly Communications in Transition blog addresses the changing landscape of scholarly communications and the phenomena these transitions bring forth. The point of departure for each blog post are issues, questions, musings, and reflections stemming from a project on Predatory Publishing, a sub-project of Austrian Transition to Open Access 2 (AT2OA2), bringing librarians and employees from various administrative departments at academic institutions together, such as research services. Blog posts are written by project team members, detailed information can be found here.

Over a four-year period, the mandate of the Predatory Publishing sub-project is to create an information infrastructure about predatory publishing to provide information to Austrian academic institutions as well as foster the existing community of practice. This objective is accompanied by in-depth research that not only focuses on predatory publishing as an emergent phenomenon in the wake of concerted efforts to further open access, but also as an indicator of far reaching transformations in the area of scholarly communications.

The Scholarly Communications in Transition blog aims to address various key issues related to predatory publishing, to question common narratives and beliefs, situating predatory publishing in a broader context pertaining to scholarly communications, and reflecting on predatory publishing and related phenomena as manifestations of profound changes in both academia and scholarly communications.