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The system of scholarly communication, here meaning communication that is primarily aimed at the scientific research community, is constantly changing. New publication practices and trends are emerging, not least due to Open Science, which also pose challenges and dangers for scientists as well as librarians and service staff who support them in their publishing activities.

Predatory practices are just one phenomenon that has gained increasing traction over the last 10 years. The “Predatory Publishing” subproject from Austrian Transition to Open Access 2 (AT2OA²) was initially primarily dedicated to this topic. In the meantime, a community of practice has developed with and through the project, which goes beyond the predatory issue and deals with the broader context of developments in the field of scholarly communication.

We realized that there has not yet been an opportunity in the German-speaking world to network specifically on this and other topics related to scientific communication. This mailing list is therefore aimed at all people involved in the scientific communication process and is intended to provide a space to ask questions, address current challenges, exchange ideas on practices, discuss suspected cases of predatory practices together and share information and current literature. We will also report on this from our community.

As a community of practice, we learn with and from each other, which is why we ask you to send responses or comments to mailings back to the list. Thank you!

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